Pray More…

shutterstock_12539920Yesterday morning I woke up to a quiet house; our little granddaughter we had been watching was being taken care of by one of our daughters while I went to the doctor with my husband.  As I contemplated what lie ahead of me, my eyes drifted to the pile of clothes littered over the top of the dryer.  They were clean, which was a good thing, but unsorted and some of them were a bit more than slightly wrinkled.  Nevertheless, my time with my husband and granddaughter was well worth the mess I left behind while we all spent time together.

I will back up to a few days beforehand…I was still suffering form pleurisy from months before when I had pneumonia, and usually didn’t eat too much for lunch at work.  Simply because it didn’t appeal to me, and usually I was in some pain and the only thing I could think of was sitting in my car and closing my eyes…listening to my favorite Christian radio station.  On this particular day, though, I had a craving for some sub sandwiches, and ordered a two sub special…one with tuna and another with chicken.  As I sat in the car eating my tuna sandwich, I briefly read my meditation for the day.  After I was done with my first sandwich, I decided to have a bite or two of the chicken sandwich.  Before I knew it, I could feel something sticking in my throat., and no matter how much I tried to cough the blockage up, nothing was working.  I began to realize that I was in serious trouble, and stumbled out of the car into the parking lot.  As I was staggering towards our cart pusher, clawing at my throat, I kept trying to keep myself calm, and tried my inhaler to no avail.  There was nowhere for the solution to go.  I waved my arms and Kalvin, bless his heart, called a code “White” (which meant person in distress).  I remember some people being there, friends from work, trying to calm me down….I can remember that I kept trying to point to my throat and say something, but nothing came out.  When the paramedics came, I somehow was able to indicate to them that I had a blockage in my throat, and then I received my first (and hopefully only) Heimlich maneuver.  It worked quickly, and even though my memory of the rest of the evening was foggy, I was told that there were people who thought I was dead or near death, since my lips were so blue and I was quickly turning blue as well.  I am so thankful for all the people who were there…they were all part of my staying alive…and I know the good Lord was there too.  Had He not been there, I don’t think I would be HERE today….which brings me to why I had to go back to the clinic to be seen.  I had an x-ray that showed something new on my lungs when I came in the first day from the choking episode, and then, two days later, the x-ray showed even more fluid, and the doctor diagnosed me as having pneumonia..once again.   Along with the rib fracture from the Heimlich experience and the pleurisy I was still feeling, the pneumonia seemed like the final straw…the one that God got my attention on-which said, “Take care of yourself, and get better  Your job is not worth  killing yourself for.”  This, for me, was the ultimate realization that I needed to give myself the time to heal before I jumped into my job duties again–no matter how much I enjoyed being a Customer Service Manager and working with the customers and my cashiers, as well as the greeters and all of the other associates.  The bottom line was that if I didn’t get better, I wouldn’t have to worry about anything at all, since I might not make it through something like that next time.  Which brings me to my state of mind on this particular day.

Today, as I was looking through the pile of clothes, my eyes spotted a new one.  One I’d only worn once before.  The t-shirt was a beautiful bright coral, and the reading was simple.  It said,

“Pray more, worry less.” – Philippians 4:6.

It was something I needed to be reminded about, and what a wonderful reminder it’s been for me.  Today and everyday, I want to pray more and worry less.  As I am so often told, it’s easier to “keep it simple and let God take the wheel”.  Well, the good Lord has been driving for many years, and I am alive and thankful for all of the detours He took in order for me to end up about being grateful for what I have, and not worrying about what I don’t or what will happen.  I can plan but not project, and leave the driving to the one and only expert…God.  After all, I am still here, aren’t I?


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