The Daily Prompt : Borrowed


borrowed mascaraI hang onto it because she gave it to me…to hang onto an old beat-up mascara because my mother gave it to me sounds insane.  I didn’t even realize what it meant to me until someone suggested I throw  that old’ thing away.

The thought stopped me.  When I decided I couldn’t and the reasons why it made perfect sense…She gave it to me–a mascara she used.


This was given to me–framed– by one of my daughters several years ago, and I treasure it as much now as I did then.  It seems appropriate,  considering that Mother’s Day is just around the corner.  It reminds me of how many things my mother gave to me and I was able to summon up the day she gave it to me.  Funny how things can conjure up a smell, a memory a feeling…it can overwhelm us with a warm inner glow, or–depending on what it is…a sad, nostalgic reminiscing of days gone by.  Those little things that we borrow others–sometimes without even realizing it–can mean so very much to someone else.  So borrow, borrow, borrow away!




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