Weekly Photo Challenge – Hope

Since we all know what it’s like to be without food, clothing, or shelter–or even to take a bath daily, I chose the following picture that depicts Hope to me.  It’s not just about getting what  you need; it’s so much more.  give me your idea and thoughts.  I would love to hear them!

“For those who have nothing, even having a chance to dance in the rain gives them hope”.

2 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Hope

  1. Loved this. Wonder why the picture didn’t post? Have not figured out why Word Press won’t let us pick. Half the time they put up a photo when I want my text to show and vice-versa. Just being a cranky old lady. Loved the photo and the text.

  2. Thanks so much Katherine; I thought of this photo almost from the moment I heard the word. Sad that we live in such a wealthy country, yet sometimes the least expensive thing (or things that cost nothing at all) are denied to our children. Thank you again!

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